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Before you even start this application set up your LJ cut. This can be found in the lj FAQ section.

Age: (14+ ONLY)

5 or more of your fav bands:
Fav books:
Fav movies:
Fav TV shows:

Who is someone you admire? Why?

What are your feelings on the following?:
(Give complete, well thought out answers)

Why did you apply to Blood_Beauties?
If accepted, what do you think that you could bring to this community?
Do you pledge to promote in at least one place if accepted? (once accepted, comment on the stamp where you promoted.)

Tell me something about you, anything that you would like to add.

3-6 Pictures of your face or body. At least 3 pics MUST be clear.

Good Luck <3

I don't need to know your religion, your background, your sexual preferences, ect. If you feel strongly about any of these, by all means, include them in your application.

Accepted members: You do NOT have to be nice to new applicants, but be respectful. No not persecute their ideas or you will be banned. This is supposed to be a more "laid back" alternative rating community.

Once accepted, members may post on ANYTHING they want to, even if it is not picture related.

We do have themes here. The themes change once a month and the members vote on which member submitted the best pics for that theme. Members are not obligated to submit pics for the theme.

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